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ABU and UNI MEI sign regional agreement on social dialogue

The ABU and UNI Global Union – Media, Entertainment and Arts (UNI MEI) are working together on a joint action programme to ensure sustainable development in the broadcasting sector. The two organisations signed a Memorandum of Agreement in Singapore on Tuesday April 2, 2012.

Following dialogue between the former NHK Vice President, former President of ABU and the UNI MEI Executive Committee in November 2010, ABU and UNI MEI have  now agreed to establish a framework of mutual recognition and cooperation for the development of the region’s media and broadcasting industry.

The agreement also establishes a framework for a joint action programme that will include objectives to bring about progress and development in the region’s media and broadcasting industry. The programme will focus on health and media safety, gender quality and mainstreaming, good governance and media and professional ethics.

UNI MEI, a sector of UNI Global Union, is a global union in the media, entertainment and arts representing staff, freelance, independent and contract workers in these industries. It represents over 140 trade unions and guilds and more than 375 000 workers world-wide. Formed in 2000, UNI Global Union aims to improve the working conditions and lives of workers in the services and allied sectors.