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Members have until 30 April to register their interest in the inaugural ABU TV Song Festival.

ABU’s first International Television Song Festival is set to bring out the best of Asia-Pacific’s top talent.

In cooperation with the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), the ABU is staging its inaugural TV Song Festival in Seoul on 14 October 2012 during the 49th ABU General Assembly.

ABU Programming Director Takeshi Doki believes the festival will bring together the best of Asia-Pacific’s top solo or group talents hailing from an array of national music scenes.

“It will be a celebration of popular music featuring high-profile musical talents,” he said. 

“Participating member organisations will be required to provide a solo artist or musical group who enjoy mass appeal in their home country to be featured in the song festival. The program will showcase as many as 12 international musical acts representing ABU members and will have a running time of two hours.”

Although October is not far away, Mr Takeshi said he is still interested in hearing from any member organisations interested in participating in the song festival. Registration is open until 30 April and members can contact him at .