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New CEO takes charge at Prasar Bharati

Former culture secretary Jawhar Sircar has been selected as the CEO of India’s public broadcaster Prasar Bharati.

Mr Sircar, a 1975 batch officer, was picked from among 12 candidates by a panel headed by India’s Vice-President Hamid Ansari. Prasar Bharati governs the working of TV broadcaster Doordarshan (DD) and All India Radio (AIR).

The new CEO will have his task cut out for him as he has to look after key measures like expansion of DD’s DTH platform and tackling staffing issues in both DD and AIR.

Upon taking the helm at Prasar Bharati, Jawhar Sircar, said that his priority would be to liven up the news screen while focusing on personnel issues: “We are high on content but I think we can use technology to spice up the screen so people will gravitate to it.”

Referring to staffing issues, he said, “I have been told that there are nearly 14,000 vacancies if you take the original sanction” and added that a task force had re-evaluated the number of critical posts to be filled up immediately.

Mr Sircar has been actively associated with many cultural and academic bodies like the Asiatic Society, the Victoria Memorial, the Centre for Archaeological Studies, the Kolkata Museum of Modern Art and the Indian Anthropological Society.

He was also awarded the first British Museum Medal as recognition of the contribution made to museum modernization and improving IndoBritish cultural cooperation.