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Dolby & Philips unveil without-glasses 3D HD format at NAB 2012

Image quality problems, the need to wear glasses, as well as its cost, have been the biggest factors in 3D low adoption rates, but Dolby Laboratories, and Royal Philips Electronics believes that they have a solution.

According to, the two leaders jointly launched the Dolby 3D high-definition format and a full set of design techniques, to provide the full HD 3D content with 3D enabled devices – including monitors – without 3D glasses. 

The collaborative project has begun to develop a complete system throughout the supply chain, to improve the display device of the 3D visual experience in a variety of specifications, including smart phones, tablet PCs, computers and TV.

Dolby Laboratories sales and marketing Executive Vice President Ramzi Haida Williams said “We believe that Dolby 3D can help drive adoption of 3D – create a comfortable, customisable, real happy without-glasses 3D viewing experience, while improving the 3D graphics performance. “