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OTT Platform for International Content

At NAB, GlobeCast has  announced the launch of MyGlobeTV ­ a new over-the-top (OTT) platform for international broadcasters in the Americas. MyGlobeTV is a B-2-C television bouquet that brings international and genre-based audiovisual content directly to subscribers.

At launch, content will be available on connected TVs via the MyGlobeTV set-top box. The deployment of a MyGlobeTV app will follow soon after to enable anytime-anywhere viewing on any connected device.

Rather than delivering content on the open Internet, MyGlobeTV is an OTT offering that utilizes closed-network, encrypted Internet Protocol (IP) delivery of television and radio content directly to the subscriber’s home. The box itself is a hybrid DVR set-top box that supports adaptive streaming and includes a 320GB hard drive with 450 hours of DVR capacity. The service supports video on demand, includes a Facebook application allowing viewers to navigate their account, and also provides an antenna to enable local channel viewing.