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GlobeCast Launches MyGlobeTV

GlobeCast is taking its World TV concept over the top. The satellite services provider has announced the launch of MyGlobeTV, an OTT platform for international broadcasters in the Americas.

“With MyGlobeTV, subscribers will be able to enjoy their favourite international channels using their existing broadband connection,” said Emma Brackett, VP of Consumer Products and Services at GlobeCast.

MyGlobeTV will be launched in the United States on July 1, before being rolled out to the rest of the Americas. There is no word on whether MyGlobeTV might later receive further international attention.

Rather than running on the open Internet, MyGlobeTV will operate on a closed IP network. The distinct difference to WorldTV, GlobeCast’s direct-to-home satellite offering is that no dish is required, just the set-top box.

The box itself is a Netgem hybrid DVR set-top box that supports adaptive streaming and includes a 320GB hard drive with 450 hours of capacity. The service supports video on demand, includes a Facebook application allowing viewers to navigate their account, and also provides an antenna to enable local channel viewing.

The initial channel lineup will consist of Indonesian, Japanese, Malayalam (South Asian), and Romanian programming, but will rapidly expand to include a wider variety of African, Asian, Australian and European content.