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Ofcom to investigate Sky News hacking

Ofcom has launched an investigation into the hacking of an email account by a Sky News reporter investigating the insurance fraudster John Darwin, known as the Canoe Man, and his wife Anne.

According to the confirmation comes as Sky’s head of news John Ryley joins Rupert and James Murdoch in front of the Leveson inquiry.

Senior reporter Gerard Tubb had sought and received permission from managing editor Simon Cole to tap into Darwin’s emails.

Darwin, who faked his own death, had walked into a police station claiming to be suffering from memory loss.

In reality the ‘Canoe Man’ was very much alive and Sky investigation helped prove the involvement of his wife in the conspiracy.

Anne Darwin was later convicted on 15 charges of fraud and money laundering on email evidence passed to the Police by Sky News.

Ryley has staunchly defended his team, however such actions are illegal under the Computer Misuse Act, and there is no public interest defence.