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NAB Japan appoints new President

Chairman of TBS Television Hiroshi Inoue, has been inaugurated as the new President of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan.

At the press conference following his appointment, Mr Inoue stated that he will do his best to create an environment for members to enrich their content in order to heighten the value of broadcasting media. He referred to the completed digital switchover in Japan as “Re-creation of Television” and emphasized that television will continue to mutually exist and prosper with the internet to garner even more viewers in the future.

Hiroshi Inoue, has been with TBS since 1963. After serving various positions such as Division President of TV Sales Division and TV Programming Division, he was appointed President of TBS in 2002. He has been the Chairman of TBS Holdings and TBS Television since 2009.

NAB is a private, non-profit corporation whose membership consists of 201 commercial broadcasters in Japan.