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MCOT celebrates 60 years of broadcasting

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra presided over events to mark the 60th anniversary of Thai Television Co., Ltd., the first television broadcaster of Thailand that has transformed into MCOT Plc. 

During the event MCOT’s Acting President Chakraphan Yomchinda reported on the upgrade of news programs by Thai News Agency, MCOT’s main news service.

Prime Minister Yingluck delivered her speech in the newly-renovated newscast studio, congratulating the media organization for its success as a leading telecommunication business, and launched the MCOT news team’s newly-acquired helicopter for Bird’s Eye News programs. 

MCOT’s Board of Directors Chairman Sorajak Kasemsuvan said MCOT’s 1,400 employees and executives were committed to serve the Thai society with quality news and information services for the benefit of the people in the age of digital and new communication technology.

Thai Television Ltd began its operation as the first television channel in Thailand, Thai TV Channel 4, in 1955.  In 1974, it was rebranded as Thai TV Channel 9.  The station became the main operation of Mass Communication Organization of Thailand (MCOT) on April 9, 1977.