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NHK WORLD TV launches in New York City

NHK WORLD TV, a stand-alone 24-hour English language TV news channel produced by NHK, Japan’s sole public, independent broadcasting corporation, is now available for the first time to more than seven million TV viewers in the New York City region, reports Satellite Evolution News. 

NHK WORLD TV is available as digital broadcast through a dedicated, over the air channel on Regional News Network which can be seen in the New York City area. The network will also be available in HD to Time Warner Cable subscribers in the state of New York.

“NHK WORLD TV is expanding to New York because we believe there is a market for a U.S. audience interested in Asian programming, focusing on breaking news from the region, Japanese culture, developments in society/politics and on being a key source for natural disasters news,” says Mr. Tetsushi Wakita, Head of NHK WORLD. “As many U.S. media outlets have closed their Tokyo bureaus to cut costs in recent years, NHK WORLD TV will fill the void with independent, credible reporting on Japan and the rest of Asia, making full use of our bases in Beijing, Seoul, Bangkok and elsewhere, as we will now be seen on televisions across New York City.”

NHK WORLD TV is available 24 hours per day to 150 million households in more than 130 countries/regions through local satellite services and cable service providers.