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KBS Launches Children’s Channel

KBS N, a cable channel operated by KBS, launched a children’s channel on the 5 of May, which is also known as children’s day in Korea.

The aptly named KBS Kids is targeting a young audience aged from two to twelve, and is aiming to provide content that is educational as well as entertaining. The channel’s line-up includes KBS produced programs such as ‘Flying Tent’, ‘Playground ZZAM’ and ‘Hutos’ in addition to internationally successful ‘Large Family’ from the BBC and ‘Early Bloomers’ from BabyFrist TV, a US Children’s channel.

Another programming feature of the new channel is the kindergarten zone, a set of programs broadcast at regular intervals, in which parents and children share viewing experience for educational purposes.

KBS Kids said that it would be a channel that parents want to recommend for children to watch. KBS Kids will add more variety to KBS N, which already runs four sub channels – KBS Drama, KBS Sports, KBS Prime and KBS Joy.