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EBU Radio Assembly to discuss the multiplatform generation

The 18th annual Radio Assembly of the European Broadcasting Union is being held Stockholm, Sweden. This year, the Assembly will focus primarily on the challenges facing EBU Radio Members at a time of explosive growth in technological innovation and structural shifts in audiences.

Guest speakers and participants from the EBU member organisations will discuss best practices and strategies on how to take optimal advantage of these new technologies and how to adapt their services to new listener needs.

One whole session will be devoted to young listeners and the demands of this multiplatform generation with respect to music and the links between traditional radio and new players such as Spotify.

There will also be two sessions on the new challenges in the area of information: journalism 3.0 and journalism after Wikileaks, concluding with discussions on the multimedia approach, videos on the radio and relations with the social networks.

This year’s EU Radio Assembly  is being organized by Swedish Radio and chaired by Alain Massé of Radio France.  The event has become one of the major public service radio gatherings in Europe.  It brings together around 80 members of senior management from more than 50 broadcasting organizations.