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Global digital markets valued at more than €3bn in 2011

Worldwide digital markets progressed 4.3% in 2011 to reach €3.069bn in revenue, reports RapidTVNews. 

The 12th edition of French research institute Idate’s DigiWorld Yearbook rounds up all digital trends for 2011. The telecom, PC and TV worlds have moderately increased and are 3% beneath the evolution of the global economy. However the dynamics of innovation didn’t weaken.

Didier Pouillot, director of the Strategies Business Unit at Idate, also points out huge contrasts between the regions. North America grew by 2.7% compared with Europe at 1% last year. But the growth gap between advanced and emergent regions is widening. The annual growth rate jumped to 10% in the Asia/Pacific, Latin America and Africa regions. The market is driven by China and India whose growth rose to 13% and 16% respectively. Europe and North America still account for 68% of the worldwide market in value, but India is getting close to the European level, Idate forecasts.

The breakdown sector shows a strong growth of the telecommunication, computer and consumer electronic markets, but weak growth of traditional services. New dynamic dish markets have emerged, providing services such as managed and non-managed networks (IPTV, mobile apps, cloud computing).