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ABU Technical Bureau meets, sets up Strategic Advisory Group

The mid-year meeting of the ABU Technical Bureau took place this weekend in Kuala Lumpur with the Bureau deciding to set up a Strategic Advisory Group on technical issues. The six member group will make recommendations on areas such as human resource development and information transfer, among others.

The meeting, chaired by the Technical Committee Chairman, Mr Yeo Kim Pow of MediaCorp, was attended by 16 members of the Bureau. It addressed the activities carried out by the Technical Department and identified some of the important issues faced by the broadcasters today and discussed possible solutions.

The Bureau was presented with reports on studies taking place in production, transmission technologies, training and frequency spectrum developments. A review of the ABU Engineering Excellence Awards was taken up with the Bureau recommending amendments to the existing guidelines.

The two-day meeting also addressed preparations for the annual Technical Committee meeting to be held in Seoul, Korea later this year.