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KBS Broadcasts from Expo 2012 in 3D

Expo 2012 Yesou, Korea opened on 12 May under the slogan, ‘The Living Ocean and Coast: Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities’. KBS, as the host broadcaster of the Yeosu Expo, will produce international signals of the opening and closing ceremonies and the major events in high quality digital.

In tune with the theme of Expo 2012, KBS is providing images of the undersea and the main attractions, in 3D.  It will also broadcast ten 3D VODs, including the world’s first 3D documentary, ‘The Fetus’, which re-creates the beginning of life from the moment of conception to birth.  The documentary is a record of pregnancy, covering 200 days of six pregnant women in an attempt to capture the mystery of life. Taking more than a year in production, it re-created the growth of embryo week-by-week. By adopting 3D technology in depicting the beginning of life, it pushed the boundary of medical documentaries.

The Yeosu Expo that has already attracted 104 official participants will provide an opportunity to raise awareness for the international community on the function and value of the ocean and cost in an environment-friendly development of sea coastal areas.  The Expo is open until August 2012.