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ABU brings its Programme Advisory Service to Sudan

Last week, Radio Sudan partnered with the ABU to deliver to its journalists and editors a five-day course on how to use multi platform in broadcasting to facilitate the challenges facing radio as the modern media.

The course was designed to teach skills of newsroom software and internet research and to increase the news skills of reporters and editors working at Radio Sudan.

The challenges that come with the imminent introduction of digital radio in Sudan were not lost on the Director General of Sudan Radio, Mr Motasim Fudal, who said that upgrading the skills of staff is of utmost priority in this rapidly changing media environment.

“Really, we used to think that the technology is rapidly changing every year, when in fact, it is changing every day, so we decided that Sudan Radio should not lag behind, even if it is one of the oldest radio stations in Africa.


“Radio Sudan has a rich documentary archive, representing the diversity of the people of Sudan, cultural, social, political and historical. This heritage is now being digitized and saved for the future”, said Mr Fudal.