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GlobeCast teams up with PCNE to offer Chinese news channel

Content management and delivery company GlobeCast has signed a deal with Phoenix Chinese News & Entertainment (PCNE) to deliver the Info News channel to continental Europe via the Eutelsat 9A (ex. Eurobird 9A) satellite.

The channel was launched on the satellite on 1 June. Phoenix will bring Info News to the European market, giving the channel access to a potential 5 million homes in the footprint of the Eutelsat 9A satellite.

The channel will propose reception from both neighbourhoods using the Eutelsat-developed ClipSat add-on to a satellite dish.

GlobeCast receives the Info News feed via a fibre link between PCNE’s facility in the UK and GlobeCast’s central London technical operations centre. From there, GlobeCast provides uplink to Eutelsat 9A.

Info News reports news across the Greater China region, which includes Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong.