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China to help Indonesia develop digital TV network

China is ready to assist Indonesia in developing a digital television network, reports.

China Digital TV is the leading provider of conditional access (CA) systems to its home country`s expanding digital cable, satellite, terrestrial, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and mobile television markets.

CA systems enable television network operators to manage the delivery of content and services to their subscribers and block unauthorized access to their networks.

“The People’s Republic of China and Indonesia are the world’s most populous countries and, therefore, they have similar requirements in terms of the implementation of digital television network,” Chinese Vice Director of Division of Audiovisual of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhou Haiyan said.

He pointed out the implementation of digital TV in China in 2011 reached 1.2 billion households, or 56 percent of the total population of the country.”We have also distributed 1.4 billion sets of set-top box decoders and 1.6 billion transmitters,” Zhou said.

Therefore, he noted, China would like to share its broadcasting technology, products, and services with Indonesia.

“In 2018, we hope that 100 percent of the population in Indonesia and the People`s Republic of China will be connected with digital TV broadcast,” Zhou added.