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ABU launches partnership for empowering women through media and ICT

The ABU is bringing together several international organisations in a ground-breaking initiative to empower women through the media and information and communications technology (ICT) industries.

The initiative will be launched at a high-level forum in Seoul, Korea, from 10-11 October, prior to the 49th ABU General Assembly and will provide a region-wide platform for sharing ideas and best practice for developing the inclusiveness of women and girls through media and ICTs. 

The forum is organised by the ABU and a number of partners including the host broadcaster Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), UNESCO and the UNI Global Union in Asia and the Pacific.

More than 200 professional broadcasters, ICT industry leaders and representatives of international development organisations are expected to participate in the forum.

Among the speakers are policy makers and leading advocates of gender equality in media and ICT including the ITU Special Envoy for Women and Girls in the field of technology, Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis, together with the former US Federal Communications Commissioner and ITU Special Envoy and Laureate for Child Online Protection, Deborah Taylor Tate.

Topics for discussion will include: Media and Power – the Female Factor; Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Broadcasting and ICTs; Gender Equality through ICTs; Women in the Cutting Room; Achieving the Millennium Development Goals through Media and ICTs and Women’s Rights through Media and ICTs.

The organisers hope ABU members will become actively involved in this new platform for exchanging and developing ideas and practical projects for empowering girls and women through ICT and media, as well as engaging with broadcasting and ICT organisations for their implementation.

Delegates can register for the forum through the ABU website.