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EBU Members unanimously embrace Declaration on core PSM values

The role public service media (PSM) play in empowering society is highlighted in a declaration which was unanimously endorsed today by EBU Members at the General Assembly in Strasbourg.

Empowering Society – A Declaration on the Core Values of Public Service Media, identifies the values that unite Europe’s biggest union of broadcasters.    

“EBU Members are proud to present a set of common values which differentiate us in the digital era. These values are our public pledge, a commitment to our audiences, and the benchmark by which we’re ultimately assessed,” said EBU President Jean-Paul Philippot.

He added: “The Declaration reflects our strong commitment to society. We are working for citizens, not shareholders; for democracy, not profit. This is what sets us apart from commercial media.”

The Declaration* identifies six core values shared by PSM:

  • universality: to reach everyone, everywhere
  • independence: to be trusted programme makers
  • excellence: to act with integrity and professionalism
  • diversity: to take a pluralistic approach
  • accountability: to listen to audiences and engage in meaningful debate
  • innovation: to be a driving force for innovation and creativity

EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre says it also recognizes the diversity of the culturally rich Union.

She said: “Many of our Members are at different stages of development and working in quite different circumstances. The objective of the Declaration is to encourage solidarity, for Members to progress. We want to support each other to achieve sustainable funding, editorial independence and to increase quality and editorial standards.”

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Empowering Society – A Declaration on the Core Values of Public Service Media

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