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DW Global Media Forum closes with a call for media to support the right to education

Deutsche Welle Director General Erik Bettermann closed this year’s Global Media Forum saying that media must play a role in “enabling everyone to claim the right to education”. More than 2,000 participants from over 100 nations attended the three-day gathering to discuss the theme: “Culture. Education. Media – Shaping a Sustainable World.”

Bettermann noted that key points of the Forum “are already resounding around the globe throughout old and new forms of media.” Bettermann said he felt certain that the some 500 journalists in attendance will be inspired “to pick up the topics and stories that should be told, so that the media lives up to its responsibility.” He stressed that the media must develop a greater understanding of its role in educating people and make promoting education one of its goals.

Bettermann invited broadcasters everywhere to join DW in championing the global topic of education through project partnerships and co-productions.

The director general also announced that the next  DW Global Media Forum titled “The Future of Growth – New Economies and the Media”  will coincide with Deutsche Welle’s 60th anniversary.