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Hello! Japan HD is set for international debut with GlobeCast

In a bid to bring its content to a wider audience, J Food & Culture TV has announced that it will launch a new channel by 2013 called Hello! Japan HD.

GlobeCast will be the technical partner of this new channel — the first private Japanese channel to be available internationally and provide a range of broadcast services, including playout and satellite distribution. 

Hello! Japan HD will have a significant pan-Asian broadcast footprint, with the technical capability to reach all key HD pay-TV platforms in Asia. GlobeCast will receive the channel’s feed at its Singapore technical operations center, where playout will be performed and the feed encoded and sent via fiber to GlobeCast’s Hong Kong teleport for satellite uplink. 

GlobeCast will be working hand in hand with the channel’s parent company J Food & Culture TV to assist it at every stage in the creation of this innovative channel.

Hello! Japan HD will offer a wide range of information on Japan, covering a variety of genres such as dramas, news, entertainment, movies, and anime cartoons, among others.