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Vietnam plans cable TV restructuring, eliminating most service providers

The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC), Vietnam is considering restructuring the cable TV market. It is expected that only three national enterprises and five local enterprises would be retained instead of the current 40.

Deputy Minister of MIC Do Quy Doan said the development of TV stations has been “in disorder,” and that needed to be addressed.

Doan said that because many enterprises are applying for licenses to provide pay-TV services, it has become necessary to draw up a reasonably detailed program on service development which will provide clarity and outline the scale of implementation.

He said Vietnam has committed to ASEAN to implement the TV digitization project within 2015-2020.

Tran Minh Tuan, Deputy Head of the Strategy Institute under MIC, added that there are four components in the strategy on radio and TV broadcasting development and those include content, service, infrastructure and the user.