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NHK Twinscam’s international debut at London 2012

A new camera developed by Japanese public broadcaster NHK, Twinscam, is to be used for international feed of synchronized swimming at the London Olympics.

According to NHK’s Executive Director-General for Engineering Keiichi Kubota, Twinscam is a solution to all difficulties rising from the characteristic of this sport – not being able to capture the whole range activities taking place below and above water in one camera because of the different way light refracts in air and water.

“The newly developed Twinscam combines images shot by two separate cameras set above and below the water to produce an image that looks as if it had been shot by a single, half-submerges lens. It produces a single realistic image with smooth zoom and pans, even in live broadcasts, revealing all the underwater effort of the athlete- generating a never before seen view of the synchronized swimming to international audiences”

Twinscam has already been tested in live broadcasting in Japan from 2010, but it is the first time the device will be used at the Olympic Games.

“We are delighted to hear the news that Twinscam is adopted in one of the most fascinating international events. I am sure the audiences across the globe will be thrilled by the new way to look at the water sports”, Mr Keiichi Kubota said.