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Social networks will connect ABU GA with the world

Organisers of the upcoming ABU General Assembly in Korea have launched dedicated Twitter and Facebook services to connect with the world.

The secretariat preparing for the 49th ABU General Assembly in Seoul say the social networking services are to promote, update, and circulate up-to-date news and information about the October conference not only for the delegates and members but also telling the public about the ABU General Assembly, associated meetings and special events throughout Asia and other parts of the world.

They say the purpose of connecting with Facebook and Twitter is so the ABU is able to reach out to a greater audience and to communicate with people throughout different media.

The ABU 2012 Seoul Facebook and Twitter pages will be populated regularly with news updates, pictures of venues, descriptions of approaching events and a constant newsfeed of information participants should know about the ABU General Assembly. They also allow access to associated websites such as the ABU and host member Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and provide contact information.

The official links are at and