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Facebook, CNN partner again for 2012 US presidential campaign coverage

In this multi-platform partnership, Facebook will serve as a ‘second screen’ for election coverage as CNN attempts to harness the voices of the social site’s users as they share their thoughts and feelings on candidates and critical issues facing the country ahead of Election Day this year.

The multi-platform partnership will include an “I’m Voting” Facebook app, Facebook surveys and measuring Facebook buzz. The app, which will be available in English and Spanish, will enable people who use Facebook to commit to voting and endorse specific candidates and issues. Commitments to vote will be displayed on people’s Facebook timeline, news feed, and real-time ticker. It will also serve as a “second screen” for CNN’s America’s Choice 2012 political coverage. CNN personalities will use the app to ask Facebook users questions and report on their answers. 

Facebook and CNN will also will measure metrics about President Obama, Mitt Romney and their running mates, survey voting-age users in key U.S. locations and demographics around the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, Presidential Debates, Election Day and other significant dates on the political calendar and publish the results on CNN,, and on Facebook’s dedicated US campaign page. Facebook will report the aggregate amount of discussion surrounding each candidate and CNN will drill down on specific state-by-state analysis.

KC Estenson, SVP CNN Digital says this initiative builds on the partners’ 2009 coverage of President Obama’s inauguration, which set a record for the most watched live video event in Internet. “By again harnessing the power of the Facebook platform and coupling it with the best of our journalism, we will redefine how people engage in the democratic process and advance the way a news organization covers a national election”.

“By allowing citizens to connect in an authentic and meaningful way with presidential candidates and discuss critical issues facing the country, we hope more voters than ever will get involved with issues that matter most to them,” said Joe Lockhart, Facebook Vice President Corporate Communications. “Facebook is pleased to partner with CNN on this uniquely participatory experience.”