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ABU brings members and experts together on copyright protection

The ABU is bringing together prominent practitioners in the fields of broadcasting and copyright to share ideas, experiences and strategies for intellectual property protection.

The two-day ABU Copyright Committee Meeting and seminar in the Philippines from 27-28 August will be followed by a one-day seminar open to non-members on the 29th that will feature presentations by experts, discussions and exchanges of copyright cases.

The event in Manila will be co-hosted by ABU members AMCARA Broadcasting Network (ABS-CBN) and Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP).

The ABU Copyright Committee meeting and seminar are annual events with the main objective to broaden copyright awareness among ABU members.

The organisers say the rapid development of technology has created a regulatory imbalance in the broadcasting industry that exposes the intellectual property of broadcasters to higher risks of piracy. Understanding the challenges the proliferation of delivery content brings to the protection of intellectual property and broadcasters’ signals is a key to financial stability for broadcasters in the fast evolving media industry.

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