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Stars become guides on Road for Hope

An eight-part television series that raises money for charity while raising awareness of poverty has launched its third season on in Korea.

Road for Hope is a charity program broadcast by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) aimed at increasing awareness of poverty in Asia and Africa.

Its cameras follow celebrities looking at and talking about poverty-related issues and raising money for charity.

In its first season in 2010 the program raised US$3.8 million for good causes and a further US$11 million in 2011.

This year’s third instalment of eight episodes will cover such countries as Côte d’Ivoire and Madagascar.

The first episode of season three was aired on 7 of July on KBS TV1 and chief producer Mr Ko Won-suk said that it was the efforts of the program’s participants that made possible sharing hope.

Among the celebrities are actor Ahn Sung-ki and the singer Boa whose popularity reaches from Japan throughout South-East Asia. He will cover the second episode on India.