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ABU Technical Committee unveils packed agenda for this year’s General Assembly

Broadcasting engineers and technicians will have their hands full at this year’s ABU General Assembly in Korea.

Details of special events organised from 12-14 October by the ABU’s technical department and hosts Korean Broadcasting System for the Seoul conference reveal a packed agenda.

Highlights of the first day will include the official opening and announcements of this year’s winners of the ABU Engineering Excellence Awards, the ABU Green Broadcast Engineering Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award, together with the Technical Review Best Article prizes.

Sharad Sadhu, Director of ABU Technology says the Committee will evaluate reports on industry Issues and participate in a facilitated session on members’ developments, with several informal forums on issues of common interests which will be held in parallel.

“The second day’s program will flow from short reports on topic areas into interactive discussions on pivotal issues then the ABU Digital Radio and the Developing Broadcasters’ Forum will be held in parallel with two informal technical information workshops”, he says.

There will be a meeting of ABU Technical Liaison Officers with the ABU Secretariat executives to discuss matters of mutual interest, such as how to improve communication and information flow.

On day three, a special topic session is being organised by the host KBS then new ABU members and all the local members will be introduced.

The current members of the Technical Bureau as well as the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Technical Committee will complete their two-year term at the end of the 2012 meeting so elections to the Bureau and its office bearers will be held. 

The CTO Forum with members’ heads of engineering will address major industry issues, and several sessions will be devoted to information exchange, invited presentations on topics of current interest, short presentations by international organisations and interactive discussions on associated issues.

The ABU General Assembly will take place from 10-18 October at the 63 Convention Center in Seoul. Details can be found at: