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BBC and NHK to showcase Super Hi-Vision Olympics

The BBC and NHK are planning to show the upcoming London Summer Olympics in Super Hi-Vision, a new ultra high-definition TV format, at public screenings in the UK and Japan, reports.

The UK and Japanese public broadcasters will show Super Hi-Vision footage, which is 16 times the resolution of regular high-definition, at cinema theatres.

The opening and closing ceremonies and other high-profile events will be covered in the format, which has been developed by NHK.

A combined BBC and NHK crew is already filming pre-event footage in Super Hi-Vision in London.

In the UK, people will be able to see the coverage at screenings at Broadcasting House in London, Pacific Quay in Glasgow and the National Media Museum in the city of Bradford. In Japan the screenings will be held in Fukushima and Tokyo. There will also be screenings in the US city of Washington.