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Google Fiber TV launches in the US

Google launched its one-gigabit-per-second broadband service in Kansas City, USA and also unveiled a new interactive television service called Google Fiber TV, in a move it hopes will push the broadband and paid TV industries to deploy speedier networks at a lower cost.

Google Fiber TV is a service that provides interactive search for TV that lets the viewers search their DVR as well as content on services like Netflix. It will include a DVR with up to 500 hours of storage of shows and movies all in 1,080p High Definition. It can also record up to eight TV shows at once.

Google is charging every home that gets the fiber service for the construction of the fiber link. But the company is waiving that fee for people who sign up initially for the service.

The TV service will include all the regular broadcast TV channels, hundreds of Google Fiber TV channels, thousands of TV shows on demand, and premium movie channels.