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CCTV Africa begins live broadcast to China

China Central Television (CCTV) has started airing Africa Live, an hour-long flagship programme broadcast from Nairobi, billed as a “new voice” for African news and Sino-African relations, reports.

“We want to keep a balance,” Pang Xinhua, CCTV’s managing editor, who runs a network of correspondents in a dozen African countries, told AFP. “We are not only talking about war, diseases or poverty, we also focus on economic development.”

Africa Live is put together by a team of 60 or so people in Nairobi – about 50 of them Kenyans. It holds a prime time slot in east Africa but is also televised worldwide.

“We opened this bureau in order to be able to tell the real Africa story, the real story of China and the real story of Sino-African relations,” CCTV Africa chief Song Jianing said, echoing remarks by China’s ambassador to Kenya when the switchover started in January.

Nairobi was CCTV’s first regional bureau to produce and broadcast its own hour-long news programme. Its cousin CCTV America soon followed suit.