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Doordarshan ties up with ZEE for Ramayan

The mythological epic ‘Ramayan’ is being broadcast in a new avatar on India’s public broadcaster Doordarshan’s national channel every Sunday morning, reports.

In a statement Doordarshan said that in its effort to revive the prominence of the Sunday morning slot, Doordarshan will premier the country’s most revered mythological series ‘Ramayan’ every Sunday from August 12 for one hour on DD National (DD-1).

Doordarshan has also tied up with Zee TV to simulcast the epic in the form of a television series.

The broadcaster added that the timeless classic based on Tulsidas’ Ramcharitmanas is still relevant in contemporary times and will be able to provide wholesome entertainment and message to the entire family, in a joint TV viewing experience.

‘Ramayan’ will also be available as interactive apps on social networking so that the younger generations can connect with it.