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ABU Radio Song Festival

The ABU Radio Song Festival in its first year of operation to uncover the best unsigned original music across Asia and the Pacific  is happy to announce 15 finalists  from among 26 entries will be performing in Seoul, Korea on 11 October in conjunction with the  ABU General Assembly.

Based on their performance in Seoul,  top three  awards  will be awarded by an international  judging panel. With an incredible array of talent, style and musical abilities on show, selection for the finalists was difficult.
The list of finalists is:


Afrodino –“Pepperoni”

South Korea – Korean Broadcasting System

Bilal Ahmad – “Promise”

Pakistan – Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation

Bily Acoustie – “For A Rest”

South Korea – Korean Broadcasting System

Chu Manh Chuong – “Que Huong On Bac”

Vietnam – Voice of Vietnam

Danielle Blakey – “Fearless “

Australia – Commercial Radio Australia

Dechen Wangmo – “Black As Snow”

Bhutan – Centennial Radio

Jae Ang – “Promise Me”

Singapore – Mediacorp Pte. Ltd.

K-Town Clan – “Party Animal”

Malaysia – Astro Radio

M P Ramal Surendra Perera – “Wehi Pabalu Salee”

Sri Lanka – MBC Networks Private Ltd.

Maria Aires – “The Sweetest Memory”

Brunei – Radio Television Brunei

Mohsen Manouchehri – “Iran”

Iran – Islamic Rep. of Iran Broadcasting

Rando Sembiring – “Menunggu”

Indonesia – Radio Republik Indonesia

Sabhi Sadhi – “Waktu”

Malaysia – Radio Television Malaysia

Sammy Ray Jones – “Rinet”

Australia – Radio Australia, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Sevanaia Yacalevu – “Time For A Change”

Fiji – Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


A complete list of submissions is available at

ABU Radio Song Festival 2012 Working Group / Jury Members

Mark Hemetsberger
Head of Marketing & Communications

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Radio Australia, AUSTRALIA

Dr. K. Vageesh
Deputy Director of Programme

All India Radio, INDIA

“The experience of working on the ABU Radio Song Festival has been fantastic, and the best reward is the incredible music we’ve managed to uncover!”
  Mr Behrooz Razavi Nejad
Advisor – President of Radio International Affairs
and Director of Radio International Festival

Islamic Rep. of Iran Broadcasting, IRAN

  Mr Choong Eon Lee

Korean Broadcasting System
  Mr Kwan Mo Yoo

Korean Broadcasting System, SOUTH KOREA  
  Hyu Cheong Cho (Ms)
Head Producer
Korean Broadcasting System
  Mr In Cheol Hyun
Korean Broadcasting System, SOUTH KOREA
  Ms Shanthi Bhagirathan
Group Director    
MBC Networks Private Ltd.,
Ms Zakiah Halim
Vice President Malay / Indian & Expat. Programming, Radio

Mediacorp Pte. Ltd., SINGAPORE

Ms Rohani Harithuddin

Manager of  Traxx FM    

Radio Television Malaysia, MALAYSIA

“Crossing boundaries, transcending differences,  the ABU Radio Song Festival is all set to be the platform  for unveiling and recognising the exceptional quality of newly discovered talents from around the region. And I look forward to a night of great music and performances as they converge on one stage, in Seoul on the gala night on 11 Oct 2012.
Personally, this has been a great experience being a part of the team that saw through the process and journey of discovering new talents and I hope that their songs will not only be fresh additions to the Radio airplay but will also go a long way in creating waves in our music industry.”


“It is indeed an honor and a great experience for me to be a member of the ABU Radio Song Festival Working Group (ARFWG). I think the group has worked hard to achieve the objectives of holding the festival. The group started from nothing. My special thanks to Vijay and Mark who have given their full commitment to push this inaugural initiative to be on time with the General Assembly in October. The group had its first teleconferencing on 19th November 2010 and it was my first interaction with broadcasters from the ABU member countries. I hope we can work again in other endeavours.”

Mr. Qi Song
Department of International Relations

RTPRC | China Radio International, CHINA

  Ms Kudsia Kahar
Deputy Chief Broadcasting Officer      
Star Group, MALAYSIA

Ms Nguyen Thi Thu
International Cooperation Department

Voice of Vietnam, VIETNAM

The ABU Radio Song Festival is a musical showcase from across Asia, Australia and the Pacific. The Festival embraces and recognizes the diverse musical talents of nations within the region by uncovering the best original and unsigned musicians.  While this event has been an incredible success in its first year of operation, we would like to encourage all members to be share in this success and encourage radio presenters and producers to play the music from the ABU Radio Song Festival and talk about the artists.  Each ABU member can download the songs for play on radio from the following FTP site, and artist profiles are on the website.

FTP site: (password protected)

For getting access to the fyp site  please contact:

Mrs. Vijay Sadhu
ABU Senior Executive, Radio and Festival Coordinator

Tel: +603 2282 5962


  1. ABU Radio Song Festival 2012 finalists
  2. ABU Radio Song Festival Working Group & Jury Members