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Motorvision TV to launch in Asia

Motorvision TV, the German pay-TV channel for car fans, will expand to Asia. The channel will launch in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Mongolia on 1 September 2012, reports.

It will be offered as an HDTV service on pay-TV platforms ABN (Malaysia), Sky (Sri Lanka) and Sky C&C (Mongolia) in English. Distribution on further platforms in other Asian countries will start shortly. The signal can be found on the ABS satellite.

Multi Channels Asia (MCA) acts as the channel’s distribution agent in Asia. 

“There are more than 450 million pay-TV households in Asia – more than half of all pay-TV subscribers live on the Asian continent. That’s why it is so important that we have succeeded in expanding into this market,” Raimund Köhler, managing director of Motorvision TV, said in Munich.