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Breakneck pace of connected TV continues

The growth rate of development of connected TV is so steep that it is difficult to keep up with all the developments, reports.

According to a new research report from adRise, the connected TV marketplace has been proliferating as content distributors and advertisers have made it into one of the hottest spaces for consumer video technology, content distribution and advertising. 

The report confirms that premium content rules the market and that contrary to popular belief, long-form premium video content dominates connected TV devices with established players such as Netflix, Amazon, Starz, HBO, ESPN, and others leading the way.

adRise suggest that advertisers should take note of the finding that viewers are investing their heaviest use of connected TV apps during primetime TV hours, on both the weeknights and weekends, with ads having a 95 percent completion rate. Long-form ads were said to perform almost as well.