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ABU helps a young broadcaster to take a big step forward

Kyrgyzstan broadcaster NTS has taken a big step forward in upgrading its technical facilities thanks to expert help from the ABU.

An ABU Technical Advisory Service mission was sent to the New Broadcasting System headquarters in Bishkek in August, headed by Sergey Efimov from the Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (RTR).

Thirteen staff from NTS attended the training on modernisation and the transition to digital.

“It was a big step for the broadcaster to get prepared for implementing digitisation and modern television technologies,” said ABU Director of Technology Sharad Sadhu.

Mr Efimov analysed the production and technical facilities then drew a roadmap to clarify what equipment, software and hardware are suitable for NTS to purchase. He gave seven presentations and provided technical documentation to the broadcaster’s library on the digital processing of video information, methods of video compression, the MPEG-2 standard, digital television broadcasting, serial digital interface (SDI), the complexities of automated news production and the principles of digital hardware and studio complexes.

“NTS possesses considerable production potential,” added Mr Sadhu “It has a large audience and high ratings. For more effective functioning and compliance with the requirements of modernisation, it needs to carry out production and media content delivery in a digital format.”

ABU Technology provides TAS missions to ABU members.