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CCTV hosts ABU youth documentary series meeting for first time

TV producers from throughout the Asia-Pacific are meeting in Beijing this weekend to launch the latest season of the ABU CARE co-production series.

The theme for Series Three of the Change Asia, Rescue the Earth project is “Youth and Future”. Each participating broadcaster will be required to produce a documentary regarding youth-related issues by early next year and the programs will be distributed to all participating organisations for broadcast.

With the project now entering its third season, the initial Producers’ Meeting is being hosted by China Central Television for the first time. CCTV has assumed the role of Executive Producer for this series, with Korean Broadcasting System as the Project Manager.  

Fifteen ABU members are in Beijing presenting their storyline proposals: NHK-Japan, KBS-Korea, RTHK-Hong Kong, RTM-Malaysia, Metro TV-Indonesia, NBT-Thailand, LNTV-Laos, BBS-Bhutan, THAI PBS-Thailand, VTV-Vietnam, CCTV-China, IRIB-Iran, TRT-Turkey, RTTL-Timor Leste and MEDIACORP-Singapore.

In his welcoming speech, Mr Chen Zhansheng, Deputy Director of International Relations for CCTV, said CCTV had enjoyed close cooperation with the ABU on many projects but this was their first time to host the documentary co-production meeting, with more than 30 delegates from 15 broadcasters in Beijing.

At a welcome dinner, Mr Zhang Ning, CCTV Deputy Editor-in-Chief said the theme chosen was a great reflection of the challenges young people were currently facing and the responsibilities broadcasters must undertake.

He hoped the meeting would enhance partnerships among ABU member organisations and serve as a bridge for communication and cooperation.