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Eurovision’s backup operations centre guards network continuity

Eurovision has launched a backup network control centre in Leuk, Switzerland, to reinforce transmission continuity in the event of unforeseen broadcasting disruptions.

The Eurovision Network Operations Centre B (NOC B), 100 kilometres east of Geneva, is the most advanced such facility within the Eurovision Network, and functions as a safety net in the event of disruption.

During its start-up phase, the NOC B will ensure viewers receive uninterrupted coverage of sports events, including the UEFA Champions League™ and UEFA Europa League™. 

Phase two of the NOC B rollout will begin early next year. The technology will be upgraded, the emergency switching process automated, and the facility’s benefits extended to all network operations. Network Director Graham Warren said: “Today, the Eurovision Network manages hundreds of events, amounting to more than 30,000 hours of premium live programming. This automation will enable the Network management and control to be carried out from either Geneva or NOC B in Leuk in the event of an emergency, adding security.”