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Germany to decide on DVB-T2

A decision on the introduction of DVB-T2 in Germany is expected during the next six months. According to the German TV Platform, DVB-T2 is now ready for commercial launch. The news follows the conclusion of a technical DVB-T2 trial in Northern Germany, reports.

Andreas Fischer, director of the Lower Saxony State Media Authority (NLM) said, “The primary objective of this pilot project was to identify the relevant parameter sets for the possible introduction of DVB-T2. DVB-T2 is technically fully matured and accordingly marketable,”.

German consumers are also fast adopting hybrid devices and connected TV sets. According to research by GfK Retail and Technology more than 11 million hybrid devices in the German market were sold until mid-2012, of which about 2.8 million are HbbTV-enabled devices.

In May 2012, the GfK Consumer Panel found that 59 percent of all TV sets sold in the country are smart TVs and 76 pecent of all people who buy connected TV sets actually use the services.