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Learning by Ear for Pakistan embraced by local partners

More than 60 radio stations throughout Pakistan are partnering with Deutsche Welle (DW) to broadcast the award-winning educational program Learning by Ear starting this month.

In total, 63 FM radio stations throughout Pakistan will broadcast DW’s Learning by Ear distance education program in Urdu and Pashto. Fifty-three Pakistani stations are initially set to begin broadcasting the program, with ten more joining up in the coming months. The program will reach more than 90 percent of radio listeners in Pakistan, which has a total of about 120 independent radio stations.

“We are thrilled that so many Pakistani stations wanted to broadcast Learning by Ear,” said DW’s Head of Distribution for Asia, Anne Hufnagel. “We hope it will enhance their programming line-up, and win some new fans for DW.”

DW will send Learning by Ear content to partner stations via CD. The programs will cover topics from children’s rights, the importance of education, and family planning to conflict resolution. Each series contains five ten-minute long episodes. Listeners will be able to participate in quizzes staged by partner stations, as well as receive supplementary books provided through DW’s distribution office in Pakistan.

DW will also make Learning by Ear for Pakistan available to NGOs, educational institutions and other organizations in Pakistan in the coming months.