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TRT teams up with Balkan broadcasters to build peace through music

Turkish Radio Television Corporation (TRT) has launched a cooperative project with public broadcasters of South-eastern Europe under the motto “From Balkan War to the Balkan Peace” on the Centenary of the First Balkans War in 1912.

The first concert titled “Balkan Feast (Friendship Feast)” aimed at displaying common historical ties through music was staged in Skopje Square in Macedonia. 

The concert was jointly broadcast live or delayed by several Balkan public broadcasters to reach across the whole Balkan region.

Singers took part from Turkey, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia.

The second concert organised by TRT titled “Friendship Symphony” will be performed this weekend in Sarajevo’s Zetra Sports Hall with musicians from Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Albania, Romania, Kosovo and Bulgaria.