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Al Jazeera English launches digital magazine

In a bid to bring new audiences to its content, Al Jazeera English has launched a digital monthly magazine which showcases the breadth of its journalism from across the globe.

The magazine, available as an iPad app will feature freely accessible monthly issues, emulating its Al Jazeera Arabic and Al Jazeera Documentary digital offerings.

Acting head of online for Al Jazeera English Will Thorne said it was “always the plan” to launch a digital magazine.

“I think the inspiration for it really is one, we have a huge amount of content, which can marry very well into the magazine format, because we have an enormous amount of depth and analysis and features, and video content and infographics etc.”

“But also there’s, I think, just a way things have gone with the iPad. It’s such a good platform for digital magazines, it works so well in that format, it just seemed like an obvious thing to do, to dive into that market and see what we could produce.”

The current issue of the magazine is offering around 60 per cent original content, produced specifically for the platform, compared to 40 per cent which “would have been available on the web”, Thorne said.