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Radio Netherlands Worldwide appoints New editor-in-chief

The Board of Supervisors of Radio Netherlands Worldwide has appointed William Valkenburg as Editor-in-Chief as of 1 January 2013.  Mr Valkenburg will set out the new course for the organisation with the recently appointed director general Robert Zaal.

RNW will focus on free speech in countries where press freedom is limited and William Valkenburg will take responsibility for journalism within the organisation. 

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Bernard Bot is pleased with the appointment of Mr Valkenburg, he said  “The organisation is now ready for a new future. His extensive experience of journalism and journalistic innovation, new media and change processes makes William is the right man at the right time.” 

Mr Valkenburg said “The new organisation faces the challenge of reaching young people in the most difficult countries and giving them a taste of new media freedom. The opportunities are greater than ever before. I am looking forward to seeking original and creative ways to fulfil this brief with our experienced journalists and producers.” 

As of 2013, Radio Netherlands Worldwide’s main focus will be on Africa and the Arab World, as well as countries like China, Cuba and Venezuela.