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ABU partners with WorldDMB and RRI on Indonesian DAB+ trial

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia (KOMINFO), Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI), WorldDMB and the ABU are holding a DAB+ Technology Showcase in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The DAB+ technology workshop and transmission demonstration will comprise of a two day technology workshop followed by a  two day transmission trial and field measurement exercise in and around the city of Jakarta, Indonesia from 24- 27 September. 

The workshop will provide  participants with up-to-date information on all aspects of planning and digital radio implementation of  DAB+, its transmission technology and will demonstrate its enhanced features and efficiencies compared to analogue FM broadcast.

DAB+ has emerged as the digital radio standard of choice in Europe and Asia Pacific and has been adopted in over 40 countries including Australia, Hong Kong France, Germany the 

United Kingdom, Italy and many more.