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CCTV and PSTV join forces for Talent Show

China’s CCTV has announced that its popular variety show Wo Yao Shang Chun Wan would collaborate with Provincial Satellite TV (PSTV) on a special talent show programme to be broadcast in November this year.

This is the first such partnership between the two broadcasters.

Top contestants from PSTV talent shows such as Zhejiang TV’s The Voice of China (Zhongguo Haosheng Yin), Dragon TV’s Asian Wave ( Shengdong Yazhou) and Guangxi TV’s Yi Sheng Suo Ai Da Di Fei Ge (True Talent) will compete with singers from CCTV variety show Xing Guang Da Dao and Meng Xiang He Chang Tuan (Clash of the Choirs) during the special program.

The Top 3 contestants will have the chance to perform on the stage of the immensely popular 2013 Spring Festival Gala, the most watched network broadcast in the world.