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MediaCorp experiments with content, over 4 channels

Singapore’s MediaCorp will showcase 14 experimental pilot formats on four channels in its new TesTube initiative.

From 8 to 12 October, four of MediaCorp’s channels will carry the program and ask viewers to interact with the content via their mobile devices. With smart phones and tablets becoming an integral part of content consumption, TesTube aims to test Singaporeans’ willingness to engage in second-screen experiences on their handheld devices, and be engaged with a multi-platform viewing experience.

“Testube  is  one  of  our  major  initiatives  to  drive  innovation  in  content  creation.  We  aim  to  reach  out  to  more  audiences,  get  their  reactions  and  feedback   to these show concepts through multi-media platforms and eventually develop at least  some of  them  into  successful  shows.” said Deputy CEO Chang Long Jong.  

The 14 pilot formats were selected from MediaCorp, public ideas submitted through MediaCorp’s Content Innovation Fund as well as from artist Tay Ping Hui.