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CCTV re-vamps news programmes, introduces new formats

At its annual Program Resources Promotion meeting, China’s Central TV (CCTV) announced its first batch of new shows for 2013 and the re-vamp of its various news programmes.

More than three thousand State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT) officials and media representatives attended the event, which discussed audience ratings, increasing coverage of international news as well as extending news coverage to social and local issues.

CCTV announced plans to revamp its flagship news programs News Network (Xinwen Lianbo) and Focus ( Jiaodian Fangtan), as well as its main daily news show from next year.

CCTV also has announced its first batch of new shows for 2013, including The Taste of China (Zhongguo Weidao) cuisine competition, The Most Beautiful Song (Zuimei Nashou Ge) and talent show Zhan Gou 100 Miao (revamped from FEICHANG 6+1).