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CNN launches On China

As China prepares for its most significant leadership transition in decades, CNN announced the launch of its first-ever regular series focused on the country.

The new monthly show hosted by CNN correspondent and anchor Kristie Lu Stout provides viewers with a unique insider’s view of China from within its own borders.

Shot on location in Hong Kong at the historic Hullett House, in each 30-minute show Lu Stout sits down with thought and business leaders from within China’s borders for a roundtable discussion about what really drives this world power and economic giant. 

‘On China’ premieres Wednesday October 17 and takes viewers inside the Chinese Communist Party, with insights from Hung Huang, influential Chinese media personality, respected publisher and blogger; Victor Gao, former official in the Chinese Foreign Ministry and English translator for Deng Xiaoping; and John Pomfret, award-winning journalist and China commentator.