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ABU GA – Broadcasters urged to rise to digital challenges

The President of South Korea, Mr Lee Myung-bak, has called on broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific to rise to the challenges of the digital revolution.

Officially opening the formal proceedings of the ABU’s 49th General Assembly in Seoul, Mr Lee said the world had become closer through the digital revolution, but the change had not come without new challenges.

“The rich-poor gap and the information divide have widened, and ethical and moral issues have arisen, such as pornography and violations of privacy.”

Mr Lee said the rapidly evolving digital revolution was opening new opportunities and possibilities for the Asia-Pacific region and the ABU conference was a very timely event to discuss how the changes from the digital revolution could turn into creative forces contributing to social development.

Speaking to more than 700 delegates from the region and around the world gathered in the 63 Convention Center for a week of forums, workshops and meetings themed “Beyond the Wave”, Mr Lee expressed his respect for the ABU’s efforts to resolve various issues in the digital era despite the diversity of religion, culture and race.

And he commended the South Korean public broadcaster KBS for hosting the 2012 General Assembly and associated events.